Yes, you kindly have to create an account to purchase from our app.

Your phone number, password, and we will send you a verification code to confirm your account.

Rewrite your username and password correctly, or change your password by pressing on "I forgot my password".


Unfortunately, you currently can't make an order by phone calling. Therefore, you can use the application to make any purchases.

You can find your items by going to *my account*, then press on *Orders* field you'll find all of your items.

When you complete your order, we will send an alert message through the application to inform you that your order has successfully completed or we will email you if you provided us with your email address.

You can't edit your order but you can cancel your order and reorder again.

Yes, you can cancel any order that has not been out for delivery yet.


Yes, you can by logging into your account and clicking on the “Orders list” then on “Trace my order”.

Unfortunately, you cannot, the order will be canceled and returned to the branch for products safety.

Yes, you can as we provide you with many dates, and you can choose what is suitable for you.

Yes, you can do this by contacting our customer service by calling them before delivery process.

Unfortunately, you cannot do so, as the agent will contact you when he approaches your address.

The application provides scheduling appointments which is suitable for all customers and can choose the right time for you, we often deliver them as soon as possible and during the time slot you chose.


-Yes there is a minimum order, it will be appearing in checkout process.

- Yes there is a charge for delivery service.

There is no fee for “cash on delivery” payment.

Yes, there are and it depends on the number of products, and types of products, and it's provided to the customer while browsing products, and it's confirmed once the picking is finished

Yes, all prices are including VAT.


Cash on delivery, credit cards, mada visa and …etc.

At the order execution stage, there will be a checkbox to add the coupon code.

All coupons are issued on a certain expiration date or by a specified sales campaign or specified quantities on a specified date. Also, make sure you enter the coupon as shown.

Return or replacement

Unfortunately, perishable products cannot be returned. For example, (frozen food, fresh products such as, milk, cheese, meat, fish) and (cosmetics, human care, personal care products, underwear, socks, gloves and hats) ,due to our obligation to public health and safety.

Yes, but as per company policy, please visit the link for further information.

You can communicate with us via call us by phone or make a complaint on the application through the order list in your account.

You can communicate with us via call our customer service.

If the return of the product is accepted by us, the refund is treated according to the method of payment. For further information, please visit the link: https://speedi.sa/return-policy.html